As part of the Company's policy of continual maintenance of our existing infrastructure, the latest refurbished cage is towed back out to sea, destined for the Red Bay site in preparation for the transfer of the latest generation of growing Glenarm Organic Salmon smolts.

As producers of premium quality organic salmon we pride ourselves in the care taken for the health and welfare of our fish to ensure that they can exhibit all natural behaviours. Consequently we stock our fish in the cages at levels of approximately one-third of the stocking rate applied in conventionally operated salmon farms. This ensures that our salmon have plenty of space to grow and thrive in a living environment that reduces stress and promotes healthy growth.

Such is the quality of the environment in which our farms are located and the isolation from any other producer, no antibiotics or medicines to treat disease or parasites endemic to wild salmon are used. This is just one of the things that make our salmon unique.

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Glenarm Organic Salmon is accredited by the Organic Food Federation and Bio Suisse

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