Over the past fornight Glenarm Organic Smoked Salmon has been celebrated in London's No. 1 retail store as part of the NI Food Promotion hosted by Fortnum & Mason. Norman Murray, the Company's Commercial Director was delighted to greet HRH Prince Charles when he visited the store on Wednesday 12th May. Prince Charles, who is an enthusiastic organic farmer himself and a consumer of Glenarm Organic Smoked Salmon, was particularly keen to hear about the sustainability of Glenarm Organic Salmon and the company's intense focus on the welfare of the growing fish as well as it's very robust environmental standards which include the absence of the use of chemicals, medicines or antibiotics at any stage in the lifecycle of the animals they produce.

Accompanying the Prince when he met up with Norman was the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Theresa Villiers; the First Minister of Northen Ireland, Arlene Foster; Fortnum & Mason Chairman, Kate Hobhouse and NI Food Ambassador James Nesbitt.

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Glenarm Organic Salmon is accredited by the Organic Food Federation and Bio Suisse

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