Feed and feeding

Glenarm Organic Salmon are reared in accordance with the strict standards set out by Global Trust. The farms their functions and the surrounding environment are audited annually to ensure that the highest organic standards are maintained.

Global Trust Certification

Glenarm Organic Salmon are nourished on a diet containing only natural and organic ingredients from sustainable sources and are free from GMOs. The organic diet is manufactured locally in a small feed mill no more than fifteen miles from our farms. This is ideal for ensuring complete freshness and stability of ingredients with the diet being fed to the fish within days of manufacture.

The feed mill is certified by the Global Trust and the Universal Feed Assurance Standard (UFAS) and is owned and run by Robert Hoey & Son who have supplied salmon feed to our business for over twenty years.

Feeding the salmon is carried out on a daily basis by farm technicians who monitor fish appetite and behaviour taking any necessary actions to ensure all fish are fed evenly and that optimal conversions and minimal wastage is achieved. Unlike the majority of the Industry today, all our fish are hand fed throughout the growing cycle. We find this traditional method of feeding ensures first class stock husbandry and the highest levels of flesh quality and flavour are achieved.


The International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation (IFFO) is the international non-profit organisation which represents fishmeal and fish oil producers and related trades throughout the world. IFFOs vision is to enhance human and livestock health and welfare via superior nutrition to the benefit of consumers worldwide. Click on IFFO link to read more......


The need to provide fish as feed for other fish has been seen as a challenge to the growth of the aquaculture sector given that the amount of fish that can be produced annually from the world is finite. Click on the Seafish link to read more......


Glenarm Organic Salmon is accredited by Global Trust and Bio Suisse

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